Skins and Pizza Night

Skins Night is were the swimmers are put into Teams ( with Team Captains ) and they have races.
This is a fun night and swimmers dress up in their Team colours.

Our CASC Skins Night will start from 6.30pm 22nd Feb 2019


            Summer 2018-2019 Skins Teams





 Liam Salmond
Ocheer Phaopin
Gabby W
Sophia Seton
Molly Kerr
Hannah Price
Phoebe Cotton
Georgina Seton
Cooper Morelli Charlie Gray Chien Lin Marvett Varela
Jaxson Smith Jeremy Lam La-Tisha Teuhema Darcy Kerr
Ilori Platten Jazz Teuhema Zac Elali Amy Razza
Ava Antala Indyana Cotton Diego De Leon Blake Waugh
Flynn Greenway Taleah Mckenzie Cohen Smith Riley Halloran
Brendyn Lam Ella Johnson Abbey Whicker Erica Tray
Chloe Ellaway Santiago De Leon Monique Pleadin Adrian Razza
Samuel Zhang Rui Wu Aidan Barnes Zach Hutchinson
Jeremy Filies Charley Collins Caitlyn Single Emily Halloran
Angus Kerr Isaac Filies Ryder Collins Ethan Ross
Sarah Ellaway Noah Johnson Emily Irvine Chris Seton
Ivy Smith Charlotte Carney Paige Ross Layla Elali
Emily Barnes Paul Salmond  Lofia Alone Shane Ross
Ocha/Tanapat P      


Event 1   12&½m and 25m freestyle
Event 2   8 years and under 25m freestyle
Event 3   9-10 years 50m freestyle
Event 4   11-12 years 50m freestyle
Event 5   13-14 years 50m freestyle
Event 6   15 & over 50m freestyle
Event 7   10 & under 25m kick boards (use 2 to a lane) Walk backs
Event 8   11 & 12 years 25m kick boards (use 2 to a lane) Walk backs
Event 9   13 & over 25m underwater streamline kick Walk backs
Event 10  all teams relay (50m) Double points.


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