2019 Annual General Meeting

7th March 2019

AGM Proxy form 2019.pdf

CASC AGM Notice 2019.pdf

2019 – Club AGM Saturday 6th April 2019 at 7:00am

Campbelltown Amateur Swim Club Inc will hold its AGM on Saturday 6th April 2019 at 7:00am.

This is before the Club Championships which will start at 7.30am.
The purpose of the meeting is to elect the Committee for 2019/2020.
All members and parents are invited to come along.
It is a great opportunity to be actively involved in the Club, and we are always looking for eager helpers.
To be eligible to vote on the day you must already be a member of CASC.
To be eligible to accept a position, you must also be a member (or as the case has been in the past become a member after being elected on the day).
We are more than happy to have positions shared where that is practical – so please consider playing an active role within the Club.
Listed below are brief descriptions on the roles of our Club Committee. If you are interested, please contact one of the Committee Members for more information.





Chair Monthly Meetings
Part of the Club Executive
Represent the Club at Public Functions


Part of Club Executive
Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee
Fill in for President when he is not available


Receive all correspondence and bring to the Committee at each Monthly General Meeting.
Issue notices of Meetings and conduct all duties of this office as directed by the Committee.
Keep a true record of all Club General Meetings which shall be circulated as Minutes.
Present a list of Life Members of the Club with the Minutes of each Annual General Meeting.
The Secretary shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees without vote.
Ensure affiliations to Swimming NSW and Swimming Metro South West.
Accept all applications for membership of the Club and maintain a register of members;


The Public Officer shall be familiar with the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984, and perform the duties necessary to conform with the Act.and report changes as required.


Receive money due to the Club and shall pay such money into the accounts of the Club.
Disburse all necessary money by cheque and only under authority of a Minute from a Monthly
General Meeting or as authorised by the Executive.
Report at each monthly meeting on Income and Expenditure and provide a Bank Rec.
Provide at AGM an audited Statement of Income and Expenditure for the past financial year.

CARNIVAL CONVENER: Organise the running of weekly Club nights, Time Trials, Club Championships and Club Carnivals.
Assist in organising Summer Presentation Night.

Ensure that members of the Club are informed of all Meets members have been invited to attend.
Accept entries from Club members to Club approved meets, dispatching entries in specified time frames.
Keep club swimmers data base up to date.
Setup Computer Programs for Club held meets, record and publish results. Email results to SNSW.
Assist the Internal Race Secretary - as necessary.


Receive from members, entry cards for Friday night Club meets.
Sort entry cards received into events and seed them according to entry times submitted.
Receive and process all entries to Inter-Club Meets organised by the Club.
Assist the External Race Secretary - as necessary.


Accept all applications for membership.
Issue a receipt for membership fees collected.
Forward to SNSW Inc, a list of new members on monthly return.
Forward a copy of monthly return of new members to District Association.
Provide an updated list of members to the Club Records, Point Score and Race Secretaries.
Hand all membership forms to the Club Secretary monthly.


Maintain a register of all Club Records.
Present at each Monthly General Meeting a list of new records achieved.
Issue a Certificate of Achievement to the swimmer who has set a new Club Record.


Maintain a point score in accordance with the Club's Rules of Competition.
Prepare a list of swimmers eligible for trophies and awards.
Organise awards for Summer Presentation.


Arrange and organise all aspects needed for Club Swimmers for National Championships.
Work closely with Club executive regarding all facets of the meet.
Coordinate all efforts to meet the needs of the Swimmers, coaches and other support staff.
Act as a Liaison Officer between the organising committee of the event, the coach and team.
Consult with Club Coach for carnivals and Championship events.


Provide a contact point for the Club committee and our younger swimmers and parents.
Introduce new parents to how the Club works and what carnivals to enter.
Organise swimmers for those carnivals so Club members sit together,
organise timekeepers if required and help with the organisation entry of relays.


Order, maintain and sell Club equipment/uniform to members of the Club.
Present at each Monthly and AGM a report on sales, purchases and stock on hand.


Liaise with local media ensuring the Achievements by Club Swimmers are reported and sponsors recognised
Prepare in conjunction with the Club Secretary a Newsletter.

CLUB COACH: Liaise with the Internal Race Secretary regarding Club Carnivals.
Liaise with External Race Secretary for entries to SMSW, Metro State and other.
Liaise with Team Manager on a regular basis and help with National preparations where necessary.
Select all Club relay teams.
CLUB DELEGATES SMSW and MASCA: Are required to attend SMSW and MASCA meetings on a regular basis and report back to the Club on a regular basis.
FUND RAISING COMMITTEE: Assist with all aspects of fund raising for the Club.

Update and Maintain Club Website as directed by the committee
Update and maintain any other electronic social media opportunities as directed by the Club Committee


Update and maintain past and current historical records of the Club as directed by the Club Committee


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