Summer Information Sheet 2016-2017


SUMMER INFO SHEET 2016-2017v1.pdf

1. Friday Club Nights

Please check the Summer Program for 2016-17 to see what the races are each week.
Club Entry Cards are to be used on Club race nights.
These cards can be purchased on Friday evenings from the Internal Race Secretary’s Table.
There is an entry fee of $1.50 per race that you can pay to the Race Secretary on Friday nights.
The money raised from this goes to towards the presentation evening
You can submit your entry cards 

• in the ‘Club Night Card’ box inside the clubroom from Monday to Thursday
(please do not leave money with the cards)
• to the Race Secretary on Friday evening before 6:00pm. Entries received later than 6:00pm may not be seeded


To assist our Club Point Score/Records Officers can you please ensure you have correctly completed the following information in the top portion of the entry card. Also could the club cards be in the week prior/or Thursday or Friday by 6pm.

Name Full Christian Name & Surname
D.O.B. Date of Birth - Day/Month/Year
Entry Time Club Night Personal Best Time in the format – mm:ss:hh
Age For CLUB Nights-circle the age you were as at 1st October 2016 For Club Championships and other nights – circle the age you will be on the day.
Stroke Circle the stroke being swum.
Dist Circle the distance being swum.


For WEEKLY POINT SCORE EVENTS ONLY - your age all season is the age you are AS AT 1st OCTOBER 2016.

Swimmers must be fully paid within two (2) weeks of first swim otherwise you will forfeit all points earned to that point.

1) Club POINT SCORE – Only swimmers who compete in 50% OR MORE of all Point Score Events available on Club nights listed on the program (2 swims available per week) are eligible to win Trophies. For Summer 2016/2017, a Minimum of 18 swims is required. (N.B. Christmas Party on the 2nd December 2016 is not included).

2) Summer Season Trophies will be awarded to the 3 highest point score winners of the season in each of the following age groups:
GIRL/BOY 6 years and under.
GIRL/BOY 7 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10 years, 11 years, 12 years, 13 years, 14 years, 15 years.
GIRL/BOY 16 years and over

Two strokes are available each night - Freestyle and a Formstroke. A swimmer may compete in ONE (1) freestyle and ONE (1) formstroke event only. For our younger swimmers who are unable to swim the specified Formstroke of the night, they have the option to swim a second Freestyle event.

3) For distances 200m or over, (excluding 200m Individual Medley) ONLY those swimmers who can
COMPETENTLY complete the stroke/distance may swim longer distance events, subject to the following
Qualifying Times

Stroke / Distance Qualifying Time
Freestyle 200m 3:00:00
Freestyle 400m 5:30:00
Butterfly Backstroke Breaststroke 200m 3:30:00
Individual Medley 400m 6:00:00

4) Individual Medley - swimmers who cannot competently complete 200m IM may swim the alternate stroke
as noted on the program for those nights where IM is the Formstroke.

5) Point Scores are awarded for each swim as follows – 

Category Points Awarded
Start and Complete the Distance1 point 1 point
Within one second or equal to previous best 2 points 
Better previous best 5 points
Better previous best by more than 2 seconds 8 points

6) Swimmers competing at SMSW, Metropolitan, State or National Championships and choose not to swim in Club Point score Competition on the night before or during these Championships will be awarded one (1) point per event as per program and attendance recognised. (Refer to Rules of Competition 3.3 dated 01 September 2010)


Qualifying times and other criteria apply to swimmers contesting 12.5m and 25m events. The following qualifying times must be achieved to progress from 12.5m to 25m events or from 25m to longer events.

Stroke 12.5m to 25m 25m to 50m
Freestyle 20 secs 25 secs
Backstroke 30 secs 30 secs
Breaststroke 30 secs 32 secs
Butterfly 30 secs 28 secs

2. Club Age Championships

For this Summer Season 2014/2015 the Club Championships will be held on SSaturday 8 April 2017 from 8am (after the Club AGM which begins at 7:30). Refer to the Club newsletters and website for the program and entry details.

To compete and be eligible to win a trophy a swimmer must be

Other conditions will be advertised on the special program of events, which will be distributed prior to the closing date.
Trophies will be awarded for each Girl/Boy age group and will be presented at the Club’s annual Presentation Event.

3. Swimming Metro South West (SMSW) Championships & Other Carnivals

i) ALL swimmers who qualify are encouraged to attend the SMSW Championships.

ii) Swimming Carnivals being conducted by other Clubs will be advertised on the Club Notice Board, Club Newsletter or a handout as well as the SMSW website and the Swimming NSW website.

iii) Where Carnivals do not have online entries the Club External Race Secretary will handles all enquiries and entries

iv) Please note when completing the Entry Time for these carnivals, the swimmer’s Official Personal Best Swimming NSW times are to be submitted and not Club Night times. All official times can be found by clicking the “Search Results” icon on the Swimming NSW or Swimming Australia website.


4. Parental Assistance

i) It is up to every parent to supervise their own children on Friday Nights. It’s great that the kids play games and run around before and after their races but we do not want anyone hurt or injured, so please keep a check on your child.

ii) Running Friday night race nights requires many helpers. PLEASE VOLUNTEER, as race nights cannot run without enough help.

iii) The BBQ is also run on a volunteer basis. Many hands make light work.

iv) Finally if you have an interest in learning or helping in a specific job (marshalling, uniforms, BBQ) or if you would like to do a course to gain an “official” qualification – inform the Club President or one of the committee members.

5. Fund Raising

Our Club raises funds through:

Please support these activities, as all the funds raised are always re-invested back into our swimmers.
If you can help with a donation for a raffle prize, if you have an idea for a good fundraiser or if you know someone who would be interested in sponsoring our club please contact the Club President.
Your support is appreciated.

6. Club Newsletter

Every two to three weeks our Publicity Officer puts together an issue of our club newsletter.
It has important news about upcoming carnivals and club events, full results on how our kids have performed in carnivals, a coach’s corner, swimmer profiles and many other interesting items.
If you have any items of interest you would like to see in the Newsletter, please contact the Publicity Officer.
The Club Newsletters (current and previous editions) are also available on the website.

7. Club Representatives

In order for an individual swimmer who represents the Club at SMSW, Metropolitan, State or Australian Championships to be eligible/qualify for Financial Assistance or an award he/she


Club representatives who fail to attend a meet where they have received financial assistance for the meet, without an acceptable reason, will be required to repay all expenses to the Club. This includes entry fees, representative shirt or any other expenses incurred.


For further information, please refer to the Rules of Competition Dated 01 September 2010, which will also be on the Club’s Website.


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