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When handing in carnival entries could you please ensure that your card is accompanied by an envelope or zip lock bag containing correct payment or cheque for the number of entries you wish to swim (change will no longer be given), with the swimmers name, carnival attended and amount clearly written on the envelope. Entries can not be accepted without payment.This will make our race secretary’s job easier and allow her to reconcile payments and entries. Although this may seem like more work when completing entries, anything that we can do as individuals to help our race secretary should not be too much to ask, please remember she does volunteer her time, and like all of us is busy with other commitments.

Important info:
Please remember to fill in all the required details of your entry card
ie: Name, registration number, DOB, entry time & place swum, parent/guardian signature. If you are unsure of your child's qualifying time the club website has a list of all recent best times, alternatively NSW Swimming has a database of all NSW registered swimmers with all the latest results.

Please remember to check the complete start list for all major championships for errors and omissions. This list can usually be found on the relevant swimming website (NSW Swimming or Swimming Australia) the day after entries have closed. If an online entry is wrong an email needs to be sent to the listed address. If a manual entry is wrong please let me know ASAP as there is a limited time frame to fix any mistakes.

All Online claims are to be finalized at the end of Summer Season via Club Funding Claim form.
A handy hint - download a copy of the Club Funding Claim form and put it on your fridge. When you enter your child in a Club Funded Meet, please write the information down on the form and print off a receipt to attach to the form. This will make our job a lot easier - please remember, we are all volunteers.

Any queries about the Carnivals below, please contact

Rebecca Lopez
0406 917 060


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Entries Close

For all other carnivals that aren't specifically listed, entries need to be handed in 1 week before the advertised closing dates. Entries can no longer be taken via email, they need to be handed in on relevant NSW Swimming cards(multi or single entry) along with payment at the same time.

If entries are handed to anyone other than myself (Dominic or Bella etc) please txt or email me to let me know.

Rebecca Lopez

Meet Program

Saturday 31 October 2015

SMSW Open Water Championships

SIRC Penrith    

14 November to 15 November 2015

SMSW Long COurse Championships



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