Funding Approved Swim Meets – Summer 2016/2017

CASC Funded approved Summer Meets 2016 2017.pdf

Issued: 7th November 2016

Funding Approved Swim Meets – Summer 2016/2017

Funding arrangements approved at the Club Meeting Wednesday 2nd November 2016.

Meets that have no funding eligibility requirements

Funding for these meets are:
- open to all Club members with no restriction.
- claimed at the time entries are lodged with the Race Secretary.

Swim Meet Level of Club Funding
MASCA All Entries
Camden Carnival 3 Entries
Metro South West 5-8yrs Carnival All Entries
Speedo Sprint Series All Entries


Meets that have funding eligibility requirements

Funding for these meets are:
- available only to swimmers who have swum in 50% of all events available on our Winter 2016 Club Night Program.
- claimed at the end of the season via the Clubs Claim Form (attach receipts).

Swim Meet Level of Club Funding
Metro South West JX and Open Water Champs 50% of the cost of entries
Metro South West Summer Championships 3 Entries
NSW Metropolitan Championships 3 Entries
NSW Open, Age and JX Open Water Champs All Entries
NSW Age and Open State Championships 3 Entries
National Open, Age and JX Open Water Champs All Entries
National Open and Age Champs April 2016. All Entries

 Please note:

When a swimmer withdraws from events, and swims less than the funded amount of swims the club is to either be reimbursed for the difference, or the swimmer is ineligible to claim the difference at season end. The Club accepts Coaches approval for withdrawal from events. Other extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Committee.

Please direct any queries to either Paul Bootsma or Judith Ferderer.

Funding Claim Form


Just wanting to let you know that the Committee has agreed to hopefully a more helpful process to claim for events from the Summer Season.
You may recall in March this year Swimming Australia ( sent an email to all members in regards to the now operational MyLANE- the individual member's portal for swimming results and membership details. These are just some of the things you will be able to do through MyLANE:-

And importantly: track your membership details and the availability of receipts/tax invoices of payments of online meets.
The Club is asking swimmers who are claiming for the 2015/2016 Summer Season to trial the process below and submit claims accordingly.
The only Championship Meet you will not find on the list is the NSW State Open Water Championships and you will need to provide a separate receipt for that event.
Step 1:

Head to Campbelltown Swim Club's website
Under the Information tab click on "Club Approved Swim Meets" whereby you can click on
Campbelltown_Swim_Club_Funding_Claim_Form.doc and print off the Claim Form.

Step 2:

Log in to MyLANE using the swimmer's Username and Password. This can be done from CASC's website in the upper left hand corner just above our Logo or you can head to the Swimming NSW website or Swimming
Australia and log In to MyLANE there.

Step 3:

Click on "Manage My Profile" and under "Membership Details" click on "Receipts" which will bring up a Receipt List of all the Meet Entries paid online. Print this page to attach to the CLAIM Form.

Step 4:

On the Receipt List page, click on the underlined meet that is eligible for funding and a Tax Invoice for that meet will appear. Print and attach to the CLAIM Form.

Step 5:

Repeat and Continue for all Meets that you need to claim for which are eligible for funding.

Step 6:

Please complete the CLAIM Form with as much information as possible to assist Dennise, our Treasurer and attach the Tax Invoices and the Receipt List.

Step 7:

Submit to Dennise the completed CLAIM Form, Printed off Tax Invoices for each Championship meet and the Receipt List of events paid online.

The positives are that the receipts are all online in one place and it is easy to access rather than searching for the Credit Card Statements (that's me) as some Meets were back in November. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the pain/stress in locating some of those credit card statements.
Please also ensure that in accordance with the Rules of Competition 9.3 Qualification for Financial Assistance and Awards, in order to receive funding you have completed the minimum number of swims (17) at Club night in the 2015/2016 Summer season.
If Dennise could have all claim forms by the end of May that would great. As this is the first time we are trying this please do not hesitate to contact me with any feedback or questions. As with any new process there may be some hiccups!


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