Rules of Competition



Campbelltown Amateur Swimming Club Inc
Rules of Competition
Last Amended: 01 September 2010


1. Club Night Participation

2. Club Records

2.1 Weekly Club Competition Night

2.2 Record Attempts at Venues Other Than Club Pool

2.3 Records to be Maintained

2.4 Certificate of Achievement

3. Weekly Point Score

3.1 Conditions of Entry

3.2 Qualifying Times

3.3 Point Score

5. Club Age Championships







6 yrs & Under







7 years







8, 9 yrs





100m [Winter Only]


10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 years & Over

50m [Winter]
100m [Summer]

50m [Winter]
100m [Summer]

50m [Winter]
100m [Summer]

50m [Winter]
100m [Summer]

100m (Winter)
200m (Summer)



5.1 Summer Season

1st - First Place

35 points

2nd - Second Place

30 points

3rd - Third Place

26 points

4th - Fourth Place

23 points

5th - Fifth Place

20 points

6th - Sixth Place

17 points

7th - Seventh Place

14 points

8th - Eighth Place

11 points

Swimmers who complete the distance

1 point


5.2 Winter Season

6. Trophies - Summer Season

6.1 Weekly Point Score

6.2 Summer Club Champion Boy and Girl

6.3 Club Age Championships - Long Course

6.4 Encouragement Awards

6.5 Participation Awards

7. Trophies - Winter Season

7.1 Weekly Point Score

7.2 Age Championships - Short Course

7.3 Encouragement Awards

8. Long Distance Events

9. Financial Assistance and Awards

9.1 Types of Financial Assistance

The Club may provide the following forms of Financial Assistance (in whole or part) for

Refer to the Club Constitution Clause C41for further detail.

9.2 Types of Awards

An individual 'First Claim' swimmer who represents the Club at Metropolitan, State or National Championships may receive one of the following awards:

9.3 Qualification for Financial Assistance and Awards

In order for an individual swimmer to qualify for financial assistance or an award, he/she must meet the following criteria:

9.3 Reimbursement to Club

The club is to be reimbursed for race entries where a swimmer withdraws from an event without coaches approval and the total number of events swum by that swimmer falls below the number of events being subsidised by the club for that meet.

9.4 Extenuating Circumstances or Casual Absences

If a swimmer does not qualify for financial assistance or an award owing to extenuating circumstances they may apply in writing to the Club Secretary for special dispensation. All applications will be considered by the committee and any ruling will be final.

10. Appendix - Constitution Excerpt Section C41 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE


The Club will support its representatives at NSW Metropolitan and State Championships and Australian Championships as best it can subject to:

Note: Membership of the Club ceases when a member fails to renew membership or resigns from membership (including transfer to another Club) (Clause C5). A past member of the Club must re-qualify for any financial assistance when applying for membership at some later date.

(a) Definition of One Season

A swimmer who has been a member:

(b) Definition of Two Seasons

A swimmer who has been a member:

(c) NSW Metropolitan and State Championships

The Club will provide assistance to swimmers eligible to represent the Club, subject to the criteria set down.

(i) Basic Assistance

Eligibility Criteria

(d) Australian Championships

The Club will assist swimmers attend one (1) Australian Championship per year (viz. 1 October to 30 September). Age swimmers who qualify and wish to attend an Australian Open Championship may be granted assistance with expenses subject to the financial position of the Club at that time.

The Club will provide assistance to swimmers eligible to represent the Club, subject to the criteria set down.

(i) Basic Assistance

Eligibility Criteria

(ii) Travel Assistance

The Club [subject to the financial position of the Club as at the 'Closing Date' of entries] after provision of basic assistance (Clause C41(d)(i)) will allocate funds to be apportioned to swimmers who have qualified and notified their intention to compete at an Australian Championship to assist with the cost of air fare.

Eligibility Criteria

Swimmers with only one (1) seasons continuous membership Clause C41(a) may be provided with assistance equivalent to 50% of the funds allocated to individual swimmers provided they have met all the other criteria.

(e) The Club will seek reimbursement from a Swimmer who withdraws from an event which the Club has provided payment of entry fees (Rules of Competition-Para. 10). The only exception will be where the Club Coach has instructed the swimmer to withdraw.


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